Bush House is registered with the CSSIW for 36 residents. We are registered for men and women over the age of 65, but have the ability to apply to amend our registration to include under 65 should the occasion require and there is justification for change.

Laws, Regulations and Governing Bodies

To assist us in reaching our goals we will at all times strive to comply with the legal requirements laid down by the Assembly of Wales Government through the Welsh Assembly Regulations of 2004 and all of its subsequent amendments and additions. We will endeavour to comply with the requirements of the Environmental, Fire Authority,

National Health Service, Employment, Equal opportunities, Mental Capacity and all other legislation that has a bearing on the Home as a business and as a safe haven for vulnerable and sick elderly.

We will work with the relevant medical, care, nursing and social bodies as well as the CSSIW and the local and national governments to ensure that our clients receive the best possible care and attention in all elements of ill health or in the penultimate and then final stages of life.